Grundaren av Megaupload har nu släppt sin nya tjänst MEGA i betaversion som är en fildelningstjänst/molnlagring.

Man ska enligt Kim Dotcom få 50gb utrymme helt gratis.

BBC News - Kim Dotcom starts new file-sharing site

verkar helt klart som något värt att hålla ögonen på.

allt är tydligen krypterat också.

citat från sidan:
"For bulk transfers, AES-128 (we believe that the higher CPU utilization of AES-192 and AES-256 outweighs the theoretical security benefit, at least until the advent of quantum computers). Post-download integrity checking is done through a chunked variation of CCM, which is less efficient than OCB, but not encumbered by patents.For establishing shared secrets between users and dropping files into your inbox, RSA-2048 (the key length was chosen as middle grounds between "too insecure" and "too slow"). All encryption, decryption and key generation is implemented in Javascript, which limits throughput to a few MB/s and causes significant CPU load. We are looking forward to the implementation of the proposed HTML5 WebCrypto API in all major browsers, which will eliminate this bottleneck.Javascript's random number generator is augmented by a mouse/keyboard timing-driven RC4 entropy pool."